Ice Cream

We now proudly serve Taos Cow Ice Cream!
Taos Cow Ice Cream is all natural and rBGH-free

Bowl or Waffle Cone One Scoop – $3.00
Two Scoops – $5.50
Pint $7.00

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Vanilla Bean
Holstein Sunset – Strawberry Ice Cream with chunk of strawberries, white and dark chocolate.
Piñon Caramel – Vanilla Ice Cream with piñon nuts and caramel.
Cafe O’le – Coffee Ice Cream.
Cherry Ristra– Cherry Ice Cream with white and dark chocolate chunks and Pinon nuts.
Lavender-  Fresh Lavender steeped in NM cream and vanilla ice cream
Mint Chocolate Chip- Vanilla Mint with Dark Chocolate Chunks


Van Rixle Bros. Gelato & Sorbet
Van Rixle is all natural and rBGH-free and assorted flavors are dairy/gluten friendly

Gelato: Ultra Dark Chocolate, Salt & Caramel, Rich Espresso, Creme Brulee vanilla, Mondo Mocha, Lemon Chiffon, Tuscan hazelnut

Sorbet: Mayan spiced chocolate, Mango Passionfruit, strawberry pomogranite, Thai CoConut, Blood Orange, Strawberry and lime